L I V E   V I D E O

             BIG EATER 7/18/2015 Schokoladen “ORLANDO” and “SAINT FRANCIS” 

             MILEMARKER 6/27/2015 Fusion Festival “INSECT INCEST”

        sinking ship



29.1 Berlin

30.1 Potsdam

1.2 Chemnitz

2.2 Nürnberg

3.2 Esslingen

4.2 Kaiserslautern

5.2 Freiburg

6.2 Aachen

7.2 Mainz

8.2 Giessen

7.3 Frankfurt

8.3 Mannheim

9.3 Tübingen

14.3 Köln

20.3 Berlin

27.3 Darmstadt

25.4 Braunschweig

12.5 Berlin

08.10 Berlin

12.10 Berlin

28.10  Ludwigsburg

30.10  Oberhausen

14.11 Hannover

15.11 Kiel

27.11  Solingen

28.11 Dresden

29.11 Leipzig



This web site has been busted for a while, dysfunctional, a victim of computer errors; but, much as I’d like to extol a technophobic ideology, I can’t truly blame the machines for this one. More fundamentally, there is a flaw in my own design: PROCRASTINATION, number eight on Napoleon Hill’s list of the thirty-one major causes of failure. Fixing the site required composing a couple of e-mails, and I just couldn’t seem to get around to it. It was on my list of things to do for weeks, haunting me, floating before me like so many other tasks, ethereal, one cup of coffee away from completion, somehow just beyond my reach to simply do it. “Old Man Procrastination stands within the shadow of every human being, waiting to spoil one’s chances of success,” writes N. Hill ominously, as if describing a monster from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft. I’ve written about my own wrestling with this dark problem before. In fact, writing about it may be a form of procrastinating in and of itself. But anyway! I’m back on track now, look, the web site is working, and I’m even getting around to sprucing up the contents, just you wait and see. More shows and readings coming up in the fall? Yes, it’s on my list. Got to get on that.

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22 pages + cover, quarter sized (4.25″ X 5.5″)



NEW BOOK auf deutsch

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BIG EATER six song tape



LIDL is a crappy German supermarket chain. There is one in my neighborhood, true enough, but why did this person feel compelled to graffiti the awning down the street with directions to it? They even went so far as to bring two cans of spray paint so they could emulate the color scheme of the store’s official logo. Why?



 This one, on the other hand, I can totally get behind. Forget about blogging or twittering, this person went old school and wrote out a diatribe in ballpoint pen, then scotch taped it to a lamp post. That’s what I call keeping it real. For those who can’t read German, I’ll translate:

“The woods are a magical place. If you feel sick or unhappy, if life gives you no pleasure, go out in the woods by yourself and stay there for at least a week. Two is better. And then, listen. The woods will speak to you, on a level somewhere between waking and dreaming. The trees will take the weight from your shoulders and you will get answers to the pressing problems of your life.”

I like it. Very transcendental.




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